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ID Products

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Photo ID Badges

  • ID badges are credit card sized
  • ID badges are tamperproof, the print is heat transferred into the card ensuring total card security
  • A typical ID badge contains photo, logo, company address, telephone number, and occasionally employee ID number, CRB number, card expiry date
  • We provide a no obligation sample to feature your details, after which can be customised to your exact requirements
  • Upon approval of your ID Badge design, our team build your secure database
  • We accept your employee pictures in all formats, digital image, pen drive, email, passport picture
  • You can take and send your staff pictures to us direct from our EASYBADGE APP, take the picture on your phone, send them to us via the cloud, the APP sends all your pictures to us in One click.
  • Upon approval of the design of your ID badge a typical ID project is turned around within 3 working days
  • Ongoing if a new member of staff joins your team, send their photo and details, we will add them to the database, if a member of your team loses their ID badge, we can reprint a new badge from their details in the database.